Hudson Valley Wedding Photographer

Jenna & Mike-Abandoned Middletown Psych Center

When Jenna and Mike contacted me about their shoot, I was SO excited. Not only do I admire Jenna’s style but Mike has an AWESOME motorcycle! I knew their shoot would need to take place at an awesome location. Last year, I shot Kiersten’s senior portrait session in the middle of winter at the abandoned/closed Middletown Psych center. We were unable to explore very far since it was snowing like CRAZY! I have been dying to go back there with the right couple and when I told Jenna about it, she jumped at the chance. Mike is really into Halloween and she knew he would love it there.

While looking through, keep in mind… Jenna is afraid of spiders! Yet! See what she lets me do with her ring!?

Jenna&Mike Jenna&Mike Jenna&mike Jenna&Mike Jenna&Mike Jenna&Mike Jenna&Mike Lock this Door! Jenna&Mike and a spider? Jenna&Mike Jenna&Mike Jenna&Mike Mike Jenna&Mike Jenna&Mike

So, Who wants their shoot to take place here?

Congrats to Jenna & Mike on your engagement. Cannot wait to see the photo’s of your VEGAS WEDDING and only wish I could be there!

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