Hudson Valley Wedding Photographer

Hudson Valley Engagement Photographer- The SNOW sessions!

So, back before the start of winter, I put it out there that I wanted couples willing to go shoot in the snow to contact me! I feel like the snow season is always missed out on for the beauty that it is because of the cold. The response I got was overwhelming and I was SO excited! The couples were just lovely and so much fun to work with and I am so happy that I put myself out there to get them to come out and play in the snow!

I am only going to post some of my ABSOLUTE favorites but thank you to EVERYONE who came out. I wish all of you the best in your wedding planning process!

Chrissie and Bill gallery size-3 Chrissie and Bill gallery size-7 Chrissie and Bill gallery size-8   Chrissie and Bill gallery size-31 Michelle and Andrew gallery size-2 Michelle and Andrew gallery size-3 Michelle and Andrew gallery size-5 Michelle and Andrew gallery size-9 Michelle and Andrew gallery size-20  Rich and Nicole Gallery Size-5 Rich and Nicole Gallery Size-8 Rich and Nicole Gallery Size-25 Rich and Nicole Gallery Size-35 Ashley and Matt gallery size Ashley and Matt gallery size-3 Ashley and Matt gallery size-5 Ashley and Matt gallery size-7 Kelly and Chris Gallery Size-5 Kelly and Chris Gallery Size-8 Kelly and Chris Gallery Size-9 Kelly and Chris Gallery Size-26 Kelly and Chris Gallery Size-36



And welcoming Kelly and Chris to the 2014 Erin Lane Wedding Family! Cannot wait for your wedding 11.22.14!

Kelly and Chris Gallery Size-11

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