Hudson Valley Wedding Photographer

Hudson Valley Engagement {Ryan & Kristen}

Ryan & Kristen like places that have meaning to them and that makes this engagement session all the more special to me. I love the stories behind special locations and/or tangible items.

Rewind to high school… Ryan and I have known each other since elementary school and I was well aware of the fact that Ryan had a strong passion for music.

Now fast forward.

Let’s start in New Paltz, rewind a few years ago…. Ryan and Kristen are enjoying their first date at Muddy Cup.

Present time: Ryan, Kristen and I return to the same location of their first date, and Muddy Cup is now a well known bar in the area, displaying guitars in their front windows. Ryan and Kristen  reminisced about their first date while I captured their love and we laughed about the irony behind them.

Hop in your personal transportation device now and travel to October 2017. Ryan and Kristen will return to Lake George, to exchange I do’s. Lake George has special meaning to them because this is where they both attended camp growing up, and fell in love without even realizing it.

I can’t wait to capture your love in another location that has special meaning to you both!









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