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Why you should hire a second shooter + Second Shooter Portfolio

“Do I need a Second Shooter?”

I have been asked this question a lot. First, let me explain what a second shooter is! A second shooter is another professional photographer hired by your photographer to help capture the day! Many times the other photographer has their own business and their own weddings to shoot as well. I, myself, second shoot with other professional photographers in the Hudson Valley. Below is a list of reasons why you should hire a second shooter as well as a compilation of some of my work as a second shooter!

Groomsmen Getting Ready!

If you and your fiancé are not getting ready at the same place, having a second shooter available to go to the guys allows you to have coverage of their morning! The groom and his groomsmen hanging out before the ceremony often is full of laughter, sports, and beer!hudson-valley-ny-photographer-4818

Extra Angles/Perspective

A second shooter can focus on creative and fun angles during times such as the ceremony and portraits. When the bride is walking down the aisle, my focus as the primary shooter is on her. A second shooter can focus on the groom’s reaction and parents or guests. It also allows for some additional creativity in shots!hudson-valley-ny-photographer-5767

Large Weddings

If you have a wedding with a guest list over 250, having a second shooter helps to cover the guests better than one photographer can.

Help with Gathering and Posing Groups

A second shooter can divide and conquer with the main shooter. For larger bridal parties, we can split up and cover the guys and girls separately so that the bridal party can return to the party sooner. A second shooter is also another set of eyes and another creative mind to help pose and gather a group together for shots.

Details and Candids

A Second shooter can also take candids while the main photographer focuses on posing and detail shots.


Having a second shooter available at a wedding is also a back up if something were to happen to the main photographer or to their technology. Technology can fail, although it happens rarely, having additional backup gear in addition to the main photographers back up gear is invaluable. If the main shooter gets injured or ill, the second shooter can step up in their place.


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