Hudson Valley Wedding Photographer

Hudson Valley Behind The Scenes

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes? If I told you that I was a jack of all trades, would you believe me? Well let’s just say as I am preparing for a wedding, I am also prepping myself to get ready to put on many other hats…

For instance, when dealing with weddings have you considered all the kids whose attention spans last for maybe 5 minutes? I become an entertainer, a believer in all fairies and superheroes that can pop out of the camera when smiling for a picture, the world’s best secret keeper all while still capturing those precious moments.

I also become the person who brings you and your loved ones back to a special moment in time just by simply saying “snuggle her up and tell her what her favorite dessert is”.

Thank you to my assistant and some lovely ladies who are photographers as well, for capturing some of the coolest behind the scenes shots!

I have also included some behind the scenes shots I have taken!

Me doing what I love!
My assistant, allowing me to check my lighting.


As you can tell… we enjoy photo booth as well!

Sometimes we get to ride in or drive golf carts!

Don’t worry, it’s only blurry from laughing! Promise, we weren’t driving!



It’s okay, your kids can give me bunny ears all they want! I’ll pretend not to notice!

Here’s some of those sweet moments captured  from a behind the scene’s perspective…

And then there’s me, hiding behind the camera!


And although every time I aim my camera towards Amanda and say “stay right there”, Amanda knows I’m checking my lighting. She is tempted every time to make a crazy face… but yet she remains somewhat serious.

I, on the other hand, have fun with it. Hey, my assistant and second shooters need to check their lighting too!

Every once in awhile I work a wedding where I know the guests whether it’s a crazy bridesmaid or family enjoying themselves… can’t forget them!

Sometimes my assistant shows up at work just to hang out with the kiddos.


We always make sure to have fun at work!


Hope you enjoyed some behind the scenes shots!


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