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How to Prep for the Morning of Your Wedding

Education: Preparing for Your Wedding

It’s your wedding day! Yay!  How to prep for the morning of your wedding? Is that something that one must prep for? But wait, did you remember to pack…?

There is so much to remember when wedding planning but one of the biggest things brides often forget is to prep for the morning of their wedding. The morning of your wedding day is SO busy. There is so much going on and so much to remember to pack, to do, to bring to document. How can one prepare? Here are some tips and advise from Erin Lane Photography on what to prepare and pack for your morning.

How to Prep for the Morning of Your Wedding

Many brides ask; “What should I bring on the day of?” or “What should I know for the days leading up to my wedding?” So without any further ado, please be mindful of the tips below and keep them in mind for the day of. I promise, it will only help things run smoother!

Have one designated area for bridesmaid’s (and your) belongings, preferably away from windows or an area that has natural light. When the photographers arrive, having the “junk area” will ensure that unworn sneakers, bras, food wrappings and coffee cups will not appear in your photos!

Morning of Good light for bride getting ready

Bride's getting ready in good lightingHappy bride on the morning of her wedding

Try to bring pretty hangers for all gowns that you would like photographed! You know all those tags and extra strings and plastic wrap the shops put over the dresses?! Remove them! Have those beautiful gowns on display all day. Show them off with pretty hangers that match. If you do not have hangers, I will provide hangers of my choice.

Did you know? Erin Lane brings wooden hangers to every wedding but if you’re looking for something special, be sure to check out Etsy for those unique and custom ones!


Have any details you would like photographed ready and within easy access! The first thing the photographer does upon arrival is begin taking those detail shots. Have your engagement ring, BOTH wedding bands, invitations (including the stamped envelope, response card… etc.), any special jewelry that you will be wearing, shoes, veil, garter, vows all in one area. The photographer will ask where everything is and promises to return those V.I.B.’s (very important belongings) back in the same location!

Did you know? Erin carries a “ring box” full of goodies such as ring boxes, lace, fabric, ribbon, etc to add to your detail shots! Tell Erin about your theme and colors so she can prepare the box in anticipation of your special day!

Bride detail shots on wedding day

Invitations to a wedding on morning of wedding day

Do you have any special jewels/pendants in your bouquets? Share the stories! Why did you choose to put the character from Game of Thrones in your bouquet?! Tell us! We love to hear stories and it makes writing the blog of your day so much more personal!

Request extra flowers or “mock bouquet” from florist. It is very beneficial to request extra flowers from your florist. I will then be able to use these floral petals around the vicinity freely without fear of messing up your bouquet as well as use these florals in your detail shots. It adds just a bit more of a touch to these photos as well as further ties your details together. This allows for more time for the actual floral arrangements to sit in water without being disturbed for photographs.

Be open to suggestions from your photographer! Some of the best dress shots or photographs come from our clients trusting us and allowing us to give suggestions and remaining open to them. Take for example, Katy! Her getting ready location was gorgeous but a bit dark inside. Erin suggested we go outside on her beautiful Adirondack deck to get into her dress! She trusted our suggestion and look at the results!

Bride getting ready outside!

Involve your bride squad! Get your bridesmaids and family special outfits for the girls to wear on the morning of! Everyone looks great and it matches your color scheme/style for the day! Plus they make a great gift!



Most of all! Enjoy your morning! Take it all in, drink plenty of water and relax! You’ve hired professionals to take it from here.




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