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Chester NY Farm Engagement Session / Amber and Rob

Chester NY Farm Engagement Session

To some of us prom seems like forever ago, right? To Amber and Rob it seems like just yesterday-10 years goes too fast for those in love and every memory, including prom is engraved on their brain forever. Amber and Rob’s story began a decade ago and their love for each other is only getting deeper as time goes on.

Mountain view Farm in Chester NY

This beautiful engagement session took place on Amber’s family farm in the Hudson Valley. Amber and her parents took me for a walk around the land, showing us where to capture the best sunsets-and boy did we see some picturesque views on this walk. Amber is fortunate enough to have her Grandfather living within close proximity to the farm so we were able to capture some special moments between herself and Rob at some spots that hold sentimental value to Amber.

I had SO much fun with Amber and Rob. I truly cannot wait to capture their wedding day in January! We are all looking forward to a beautiful wedding in 2018-best of luck to these two as they continue into endless decades together.

Engagement shoot inside of a dark barn

Ugh, the light in this barn was beautiful and magical. I LOVE old barns. My own engagement session with my husband took place in a barn!


Couple in front of Red barnPortraits in front of Red barnEngagement shoot at a red barnGorgeous couple in front of Red Barn in New YorkCouple on Family country porchField and lilacs with a coupleCouple in a field with beautiful sunlight2017-05-24_0009

Couple walking alone a path in SpringCouple in a field and with a barn

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