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Why do I second shoot for other Photographers? + 2017 Second Shooter Portfolio

So, what do I do when I am not photographing my own weddings, engagement and boudoir shoots? Well. I work for other photographers, just like they work for me at your wedding!

Last year I wrote about why you should hire a second shooter and showed off my photos from when I second shot. Read that here: Hiring a Second Shooter

This year, in addition to sharing some of my favorite images that I took when working for my photog friends, I thought I would tell you what it is like from my perspective.

First off, I love photographing weddings! So, the more weddings that I can be at, the better! I love the experience of photographing weddings and the people we get to meet at each.

The experience of photographing with my photographer friends rounds me out. I get to see how they work and we share tips with each other. We challenge each other to improve our “game” and find new techniques to share and try out. Each wedding is different and presents different challenges in itself and the more experiences I have, the better I can be! We find new ways to take creative images each week. I get feedback from the primaries on what they liked or didn’t like about my work. I grow and learn from this.

I also am one of those folks who just CANNOT sit still. I always have to be busy and moving. If I have a free weekend, I just don’t know what to do with myself. Hence, second shooting to fill those weekends up!

Sometimes I get to shoot at NEW venues too that I haven’t had the chance to shoot at yet! It allows me the opportunity to shoot at new places and build a portfolio + know secret spots for my future brides. I get to learn the in’s and out’s before having my own wedding there.

It challenges ME! When I second shoot, I am dealing with brides and grooms that I don’t know. And haven’t established a relationship with yet. This means they might not be comfortable with me and trust me. I have to quickly earn their trust, relax them and get them comfortable with my techniques. Also, as the second shooter, my job is to get those more “creative” shots. I have to move around the primary shooter and not get in their way but still get filler shots. The primary tends to focus on the “must have” gallery type shots of the couple smiling at the camera and straight on images. I get to focus on rings, bouquets, hands being held. I get to crawl on the ground and hold my camera over my head for fun and unique shots. Plus, I am also getting comfortable with my photographer friends and we know each other well. We can just look at each other and KNOW what the other wants or needs of us in that moment. We learn to vibe together and this helps me out on my clients wedding days! They know what I like based on how I shoot and vice versa. Win/win for both our clients.

And last, I get to spend time with some of my best friends! I have made so many friends in this business and we have a BLAST at weddings together. We collaborate and dance and catch up with each other throughout the whole day! Who else can say they get to party with their besties every weekend while doing what we love most?

Take a look at some of my FAVORITE images from my friends weddings this year! Special thanks to Erin Peters Photography, Mary Kelly Photography and Lauren Gorish Photography for letting me show off these images!









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